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The BAUMARTINI Associate Studio has grown over the years by ways of the insertion of young professionals to the firm who have progressively matured in their capacity and professional experience under the guidance of the partners. 

The ideal candidate is a professional who has had an excellent university career, both in terms of grades and at the speed at which they have completed their degree. When hiring, we also highly consider previous job experience within the candidates country of origin as well as job experience overseas. An excellent working knowledge of foreign languages, and the aspiration and attitude to apply oneself to professional activity with absolute dedication and passion is essential. At BAUMARTINI, the desire to unite ones experience with that of the other professionals at the studio is also indispensable.

The BAUMARTINI Associate Studio gives particular consideration to the quality of their assistance and consequently to the preparation of the young professionals that wish to submit their candidacy. The studio provides for the development of professional experience in many sectors of the company in Italy as well as abroad with direct participation and guidance of the Studio’s partners.


Would you like to submit your candidacy?

Send your Curriculum Vitae to (

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